Long Distance Moving Roseville

Long Distance Moving Roseville

Long distance moving is a cross country move or interstate moving - the longer moving distance across state lines. Regardless of distance, all types of moving require federal authority. It is important as a consumer to be protected with insurance requirements during and after the moving affair. Therefore, you must learn how to tell whether a moving company is legitimate or fraudulent. Keep in mind that you’re moving personal property; you must only hire moving companies that are trusted and reputable.

Long Distance Moving Roseville

Choosing A Reliable Long Distance Moving Company

Ask these questions to know if a moving company is legitimate:

Do they have an official website?

If you were offered services by a moving company in person, look them up online and check if they have an official website. Showing up to your front door without identification or uniform is a big red flag. Counter check the authenticity of the company by asking the next question.

Is the moving company licensed?

There are several moving scams out there that you must be aware of. To avoid getting scammed on your relocation, do a background check on the moving company you’re planning to work with. You can look up a moving company if they’re licensed and insured through many reliable sites. Also, legitimate moving companies should be able to offer proof of insurance when you ask them to. Certified moving companies are required to have a U.S. Department of transportation number.

Can you request a free estimate?

It is a requirement by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration for moving companies to be able to provide free in-home estimates. Usually, it is done either in-person or with a video survey. However, if they give you a quote over the phone or online without surveying your things, drop it. There is a huge chance it is a rogue mover.

Also, do know that after the inspection or the survey of your things, the company will send their estimate and charges in writing. In this way, surprise costs are avoided. To get the best deal, take three to five quotes from various long distance moving companies.

Are there complaints and moving reviews?

Luckily, you can look for complaints with the FMCSA by checking the review section of each moving company. Read comments and complaints about the moving companies you plan on getting. Also, ask your friends and neighbors if they have any recommendations for a trusted long distance moving company in CA. Learn from their personal experiences with many moving companies.  

Are they asking for a large deposit?

You should know that moving companies shouldn’t require more than twenty percent of the estimated quote of the move. Many won’t even ask for any payment until your things are relocated. It is a red flag if a mover asks for a huge deposit; take action instantly before you get scammed.

In case you encounter a mover holding hostage your belongings to force you to pay more than what was estimated, immediately ask for help, and try calling the police. Any issues and bad experiences that happened during the move should be written a review to help warn other people of poor moving services or rogue movers.

Do they look legit?

First impressions can impact the way you think about a person at first glance. Do the movers look professional? Are they wearing proper uniforms, and do they have professional moving trucks? Also, ask for their physical office and visit their address. You can tell a company is legit if they have a registered office with an official business email address.

At any distance may it be short or long distance moving, always take precautions in choosing the right moving company for you. And don’t worry, you’ll be able to find a reliable long distance moving company in CA that you can rely on - handling your things with care and quality service.

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