Move In Service Roseville

Move In Service Roseville

Moving is already stressful enough; dealing with paperwork would add strain to the whole move. Whether you have moved a couple of times or this is your first, you need to understand the types of documents the move in service in Roseville will provide. Signing contracts can be daunting at first but knowing what each form is for and what exactly it means - is the key to having an effective moving process.

Move In Service Roseville

Paperwork for Your Chosen Move-in Service in Roseville

Mover Quotation 

When hiring movers and packers CA, the moving company will go to your house to assess your belongings that you’ll be moving. After the survey, they should provide you a copy of the estimate. It should outline what kind of quotation it is – if it’s binding or non-binding.

  • A binding estimate is an estimate that depends on the weight of your household goods together with the services the moving company will be providing. With this, you are expected only to pay the estimated amount - they cannot charge or ask you to pay any more fees. 

  • A non-binding estimate is the most common type of quotation. It is what the moving company believes for the cost of the move without a promising fixed price. It is not a contract, and the estimated cost does not guarantee the company. In short, it means that the actual cost will change on the day of the move. 

At this point, now is the perfect time to ask questions, including the estimated cost if there are goods that require special handling. Ask all your queries during the initial visit to help you get a grasp of what is to be expected. Show everything you have from basement to attic. 

The Importance of Order for Service

Order for service is not yet the official contract between you and the moving company. However, it is where everything you need to know about the move is written together with the agreed estimate, the insurance coverage, the dates of the pick-up and delivery, and the terms of the contract. Like any other contract, the terms include the cancellation policy, the type of truck to be used, the items that aren’t included in the move, and extra fees appropriate for your moving situation like move and storage CA in case you need to store some belongings.

Make sure you thoroughly read this document since it is the agreement that you’re allowing this mover to move your personal property. If you read something you disagree with, call immediately and specify the notes that need to be fixed. This is the time to negotiate and to confirm that you’ll get optimal quality service. 

The Bill of Lading

This is the official contract between you and the move in service in Roseville you hired. It basically contains everything the order for service has. The movers and packers CA who loads your goods should give you a copy of the bill of lading before touching and loading any of your belongings. 

Reread everything to have complete knowledge of your moving transaction. Make sure it matches the fees listed and that it is the same as the given estimate earlier. Don’t sign the form until you read and agree with the terms provided. Also, don’t ever lose or misplace your copy of this document. You have this with you until your goods are delivered, all expenses are paid, and concerns are settled.

The Inventory Sheet 

An inventory sheet is a list of each item that the mover should move. It is given on the moving day, where systematic tagging is used on each item, noting each tag number on the inventory sheet. You should be involved in ensuring that each item is recorded correctly to ensure that no items go missing or get broken. The purpose of this document is your guarantee that all your belongings were loaded in the truck.

You should know your rights and responsibilities when hiring a moving company. The moving process would be smoother if you well understood the terms and conditions provided by the move in service in Roseville you chose. Be careful and always read the documents that you’re signing.

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