Professional Mover Roseville

Professional Mover Roseville

In moving, there’s no chance you can do everything on your own. Instead of bothering your friends and family members to help you with all the packing and moving, hire a professional mover Roseville. And since you’re trusting everything you own with a moving company, make sure the one you hire is reliable and reputable.

Finding a Professional Mover In Roseville

Just a heads up, a professional mover might be quite expensive. Fortunately, there are affordable movers Roseville available to help you with all your moving needs. Do know that the cheapest price might not offer the best value. Hopefully, these tips can assist in finding the best mover for you.

  1. Start contacting movers as early as possible.

It is best to start early, collect referrals and contact well-recommended professional movers as early as 4 or 6 weeks before your moving day. If you’re going to move during the summer season, reach out to movers earlier as summer is a busy season.

  1. Ask for an in-home survey.

You can easily tell a mover is a scam if they gave you an estimate without even surveying your belongings. A legitimate professional moving company will insist on an in-home survey and discuss with you the services you’ll require according to your needs.

  1. Ask for a detailed and specific estimate.

Once the moving company has finished the survey, they’ll be able to provide you a quotation. Some factors determine moving costs, including the weight of the shipment and distance of origin to destination. Packing and other additional services should be itemized separately on the given estimate.

A written estimate including a detailed list of all the charges with taxes will be provided by a legitimate professional mover Roseville. A moving company that wouldn’t show you how the quotation was calculated is an obvious red flag.

  1. What’s in their liability coverage?

Ask about issues that may occur in the event of accidents and how they will handle it. You want to make sure that they are fully covered in case of loss or damage to your belongings. Ask if they have the proper insurance to ensure the safety of your goods during the move.

  1. What is the claim process?

Ask them about the process of how you would file a claim in case of loss or damage. Also, ask the length of time to settle and process the claim.

  1. Late delivery

In looking for a moving company, you must think about all the possible outcomes that might occur during the move. Ask if they have compensation for late deliveries unless the delay is caused by a natural disaster or other circumstances out of their control reach.

  1. Time to compare estimates

Get at least three estimates from different moving companies to find the one with the best offer. In comparing prices, the three should have given you estimates of similar weight. If one is significantly lower than the other two, let them explain their variance.

You’ll know which one has the best offer by comparing their services and which one best meets your standards and requirements.

  1. Do a thorough background check on your chosen moving company.

Ensure that the moving company you’ll be working with is registered and verified with a company license. Visit the website Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and enter the company’s USDOT number. You’ll see if the DOT number is authentic. You can also check all information about the company, including reviews and complaints.

Remember that if you’re given an estimate that is too good to be true or an incredibly cheap rate - it is most certainly a rogue mover. Only pay attention to moving companies with four to five-star reviews. In this way, you are hiring a legitimate professional mover Roseville and a mover that provides you with quality service.

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